One of the most important decisions when facing legal difficulties is hiring a lawyer that will represent the client’s needs.  It’s even more difficult when hiring a lawyer to represent a healthcare professional because of the labyrinth of laws and regulations that affect healthcare.

The lawyer should also be appropriate for your issue.  Medical malpractice lawyers don’t necessarily understand the issues involved in a merger, and a corporate lawyer isn’t ideal in dealing with liabilty issues when faced with a patient claiming malpractice.  A corporate lawyer shouldn’t represent a doctor without specialized knowledge in healthcare law.

Other issues medical professionals should be aware of include:  hourly rates of the lawyers, the approach that the lawyers will take.  Most important, you should have a comfortable relationship with the lawyer and the lawyer’s office and the lawyer should be available to you upon reasonable notice.

This article from the American Medical Association deals with these and other issues for consideration when a doctor hires a lawyer.


Submitted by:  Matthew L. Kinley, Esq.