Healthcare Faces Difficulties All Over The World

The title of this post says it all: read
this article to see what I mean.

United States is not the only country that faces a shortage of medical care and
a lack of resources to pay for it.  According the The Economist,
most countries face aging populations.

At the same time, there are
chronic shortages of doctors.

The solution that seems to be currently in
vogue in both the United States and the rest of the world is to make the
physician less relevant to the healthcare.

The future of healthcare
utilizes more technology to make sure that patients stay healthy, including
remote monitors which notify centers if a patient’s blood sugar or blood
pressure are not normal. Technology will also help healthcare administrators to
judge success and quality, making adjustments to those practices that are too
expensive.  Healthcare intends to utilize more para-professionals in
healthcare, including nurses in place of doctors.  The doctors role will
be reduced to the most intensely medical activities, particularly surgery, which is interesting.

Submitted by Matthew L. Kinley