Welcome to Your Go To Legal Resource for Practicing Medicine

At Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle, LLP, we take pride on offering legal services for your medical practice. We are attorneys located in Southern California with a unique training and perspectives for doctors, dentists and other professionals in the field of medicine.

Our lead healthcare law attorney is Matthew L. Kinley. Matt has decades of experience as a business and litigation attorney handling all sorts of matters in various tribunals including administrative agencies and courts of law. Matt also handles business disputes between partners and deals with transactional matters involving business entities and real estate for his clients as the need arises.

Joining Matt as healthcare law attorneys at the firm are Pamela Tahim and Chris Sorley. Pamela has a wide range of experience as a litigator with a strong tax background with her advanced degree in taxation. Pamela handles all sorts of issues for medical professionals whether in court or outside of court. Chris rounds out the firm's health care law team with his strong advocacy and litigation skills. Chris recently won a favorable ruling in favor of doctors concerning medi-cal audits.

To round out the litigation skillsets offered at the firm, we also have transactional attorneys including Jennifer Sawday who can assist with doctors and their staff with their estate planning and asset protection needs.  Jennifer joins other firm attorneys who also handle all manner of litigation and transactional matters for firm clients including those in the healthcare.

We are proud to be your attorneys servicinig your needs as healthcare professionals.