Monthly Archives: September 2012

PPACA is Complicated: It takes 18-pages of regulations to define “full-time.”

The Department of Health and Human Services and Internal
Revenue Service have issued a recent regulation defining what “full-time” is
for employers wondering if they are required under the Affordable Care Act to
provide insurance.  In just one more indication how complicated the
regulations are under the Act as this takes 18-pages to describe.
Interestingly, “full-time” is an average of 30-hours a week (not the widely
accepted 40-hours per week).

This is a key rule because companies with more than 50
full-time employees must provide health insurance under the law. Defining the
term to include 30-hour per week employees will include several more small
businesses that will need to comply with this Act.

Submitted by Matthew L. Kinley