Support for Compliance with HIPAA

Physicians must comply with HIPAA requriements or face investigations and audits by the Office of Civil Rights or the California Attorney General.  Under California State Law, you also could be sued in a civil lawsuit for a failure to comply.

Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle, LLP can support your HIPAA compliance by guiding your organization through the process and providing the forms necessary to be compliant.

The process requires that your institution:

  • Perform an assessment of your current uses and disclosures of patient health information.
  • Perform a “gap analysis” to determine where your current procedures do NOT meet HIPAA standards.
  • Choose methods for getting into compliance.
  • Implement and maintain the required changes.
  • Document your efforts so that, if necessary, you can prove that you are in compliance.

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Matt Kinley, Esq.